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Easy availability of budgets at local level

Decentralisation of budgets at the local body levels is important to empower grassroots implementation agencies as well as CSOs. Therefore, easy availability of budgets across sectors at local body level is essential.


On one hand, digitisation is extremely important for making data accessible to all, and on the other, a lot of young people with technical knowhow are unemployed. The government really needs to spend on human resources to make this possible.

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Dear Vijayta, Very pertinent point is raised.

Government is catering some of the needs of employing educated local youth through National Skill Development Mission and State have in parallel similar nature mission. However, in order to have accessibility of information or data on government programmes and schemes, these youth need to be up-skilled with customized courses or domain specific courses say in digital data technologies etc. In fact , some of the corporate can be roped in for providing scalability to training implementation.

Every Municipal Corporation should have a separate ‘Budget Division’, which should gather and maintain budgetary information of all departments and disseminate this information to all stakeholders to make budgetary process transparent and participatory.