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Education Budget

Public expenditure on education covers expenditure at elementary level secondary level, University and higher education, technical education and adult education. The sources include expenditure by the Union Government, the State Governments, the Local Bodies, and foreign aid which is transferred primarily through Union government budgets. It is not only Ministry of Education(Department of Education), around 40 other ministries and departments spend on education. Knowing education budget at each tiers of governance is crucial to know the sector well.


Is there any single source where this entire information is available?

No. We have to look at different sources to get the aggregate picture. However, Analysis of Budgeted Expenditure on Education, a publication by MHRD provides expenditure by Centre and States together (and all depts.) on various levels of education. But it comes with a time lag.


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It would be very useful if you could post a link to the above document here.

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