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Improving Delivery of Scholarship Schemes

For the last 4 years, we’ve been working in Bihar to increase access to pre & post matric scholarships offered by the central minority affairs ministry. We offer on-call support to students & institutes in navigating various steps of the scheme application & verification processes.

Last year, we were able to support 500+ institutes across Bihar. Our approach was:

  • scrape data from various public dashboards (NSP, U-DISE, NGO Darpan, etc.)
  • cross-reference to identify education institutes likely in need of handholding
  • connect with these institutes / nonprofits near them and offer on-call support

Systemic gaps, however, need systemic solutions. At least 27000 out of Bihar’s ~95000 institutes need support, and we can only realize that by supporting district & state-level officers. To that end, we are currently studying gaps at district-level officers with the support of Genpact Better World Initiative. We are also trying to build our internal capacity in analyzing budgets, understanding scheme planning, funding & delivery cycles and evaluating scheme efficacy.

I attended a user survey for openbudgets portal earlier this year, kept coming back and it was amazing to see the information and the explainers kept increasing every time!

I think we have a lot to learn from this community, and we would like to contribute what we can. : )

If any of that sounds interesting, please reach out! I’m at [email protected] and 9599 681 997.

PS: there was a restriction of 2 links per post. Adding some links in the comment.

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NSP: https://scholarships.gov.in/
U-DISE: https://udiseplus.gov.in/

NGO Darpan: https://ngodarpan.gov.in/
Genpact BWI: https://www.genpact.com/purpose/better-world-initiative

Thanks, Anand for sharing your work with us. Your work addresses a very important gap in the government scheme architecture and sounds like a very difficult but rewarding task.
We are glad to know that Open Budgets India was of use to you and your team, and hope that it continues to benefit stakeholders like you.

Our colleagues @rt1 and @jawed have worked on the Public Finance aspects of the Post-Matric Scholarship scheme, perhaps you might the insights from this work useful.

Sharing the link to the discussion paper (in case you have not read it already): https://www.cbgaindia.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Assessing-Public-Finance-Management-Issues-in-the-Post-matric-Scholarship-Scheme-for-Scheduled-Castes-1.pdf

Thanks for the references & connects, Divya. Will reach out for advice! : )