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Hi all. Welcome to Budget Forum by Open Budgets India. I’m Arun Sudarsan, Economist and Policy Researcher at CivicDataLab.

I’m based out of Kerala/Tripura, love cooking, spends an inordinate amount of time reading newspapers and current affairs magazines, and yearns to go watch a movie in a multiplex as soon as possible!

We are starting this forum to bring together everyone who’s interested in India’s budgets and engage in meaningful conversations around budget priorities, openness of fiscal data, policies for social equity etc.

Thank you for joining the forum. Kindly take a minute and introduce yourself so we can get to know each other :slight_smile:

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Hi Arun
Nice to see this up and all the very best!

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Hello Arun and the entire OBI Team,

It is great to see the discussion forum up and running! I am sure it will be a great platform to connect with more and more users of OBI and bring together some very interesting ideas on budgets. Would definitely be using the forum in the coming days.

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Hi All…It is a good platform to see budget documents.

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Welcome @divya, @simonti-chakraborty and @swapnil01! Keep coming back to the forum to start and participate in discussions!

Hello All, It seems a good platform for interaction. Will keep on checking for new ideas and information on public finance.

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Hi Arun and team! Good to see this forum up and running. I am Shruti, Senior Policy Analyst at CBGA. I work primarily on nutrition and gender. Looking forward to engaging in conversations on budgets with you all!

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Hello Arun !

I am happy to register on Budget forum. I am really looking forward !

Jyotsna Goel , CBGA

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Hi everybody
I am Neha Prasad from Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Looking forward to fruitful discussions.

Welcome to the Budget Forum, Neha!

Dear CBGA team,

Congratulations on setting up this platform. The interface looks user friendly. We at the IBP and GIFT team are keen to support in any way we can.
See GIFT’s data rally examples here - https://www.openfiscaldata.go.kr/op/en/sm/UOPENSMA08?acntYrFr=2018&acntYrTo=2022&langCd=en#

International Budget Partnership (www.internationalbudget.org)

Hi Suad! Welcome to the Budget Forum. We are glad to have you here and hope to engage you in relevant discussions.
Thanks for sharing the open fiscal data portal, it is a very useful tool to explore.

Hello, Anand this side. I’ve been working with various education nonprofits for 8 years. Here to explore collaborations around improving scheme delivery. Based in Mumbai. Studied computer science, took up social work after a year at Oracle, and have of late been in awe of the potential of open knowledge platforms and the hard work that goes in sustaining them.

I am a Marathi in love with Kashmir, and I won’t stop telling people I was born the same day Isaac Asimov died. : )

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Hi Anand!

Welcome to the Budget Forum. We are happy to have you here and hope you benefit from the content shared here!
Please feel free to share any relevant content and start discussion threads!