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What is the amount allocated for COVID vaccine in Union Budget 2021?

According to the budget 2021-22, how much amount is allocated for Covid Vaccine?


Under the expenditure for health and wellbeing, there is a CoVID related special provision that constitutes 35000 crores in 2021-22 BE for Covid-19 vaccination.

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Hi @ajay! Welcome to the Budget Forum.

Finance Minister has allocated Rs.35,000 crores towards COVID vaccination. This entry however is not under the Demand For Grants of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It’s been accounted under Demand No:40 Transfer to States under Ministry of Finance. You can find the appropriate file here in the Open Budgets India platform.

Thank you for your question and keep participating in these discussions! Thank you @m_azhar for responding to the question.

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Dear Tushar and Ajay,
Out of the total budget allocation of Rs. 35000 crore for COVID 19 vaccine in 2021-22 (which was budgeted under transfer to States- and ideally should be given to States, but used by the Union Government in procuring Vaccines and supplied to States later on), the Union government spent Rs. 19675.46 crore(as on 27 November 2021). This was revealed by the government in responding to a Parliament question: the link is available here ( for your reference.

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